About Meesha



Hello, my name is Meesha and I am a member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation. The Shinnecock tribe is one of 13 indigenous tribes that occupied Long Island before first contact. As it stands now, the Shinnecock people are only one of three tribes that remain on the island and just one of two that still maintain their aboriginal land base. Although the fight for equality and things such as land and rights to our waters continues to be an ongoing struggle, we certainly make our presence known among the neighboring communities. Our annual Labor day weekend Pow Wow is one way in which we continue to do this as well as provide the Nation with economic provisions that help sustain the day to day operations of the tribe.

As a single mother who is blind and as a student embarking on a new chapter of my educational pursuits in the fall, I enjoy writing poetry and short stories during my free time. I am also actively involved in local and state government to help create awareness about the rights of the disabled community on Long Island.

My long term goals include building a home here on the reservation for my daughter summersnow and I and creating an organic farm on the land allotment where my home will be located. I also intend on confronting the drug and substance issues that threaten some of our tribal members as a result of various inadequacies that are ever apparent in many Native communities. Working in Indian family law is also a passion and a goal that I intend on pursuing in the future.

Because I am the oldest of 5 children, I consider myself to be an example for not just my family, but for my community as a whole. This fall I will return to college to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my credentialed substance and alcohol abuse counselor certification (CASAC). My educational pursuits are founded in my love for my native family and for all people. In order to sustain life, I truly believe that we are obligated to protect mother earth thus I do what I can to help protect the environment and especially the indigenous land where I have lived for most of my life.



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